Lending operations

Personal Mortgage Guide

    first when apply for personal housing mortgage loans from a bank to the person in charge know they can apply for the loan type of each loan in the loans required to provide material, on the borrower's requirements, whether the credit cycle have any different. Will recommend appropriate person in charge of the Bank's loan types, such as China Construction Bank mortgage may apply for individual consumption loans, or you can apply for a personal loan, personal loans personal credit loans have many advantages.

    second, the person in charge to the bank asking for personal housing mortgage loans interest rates. Banks generally lend to announce a unified interest rate, banks is slightly different, but the gap is very small. Asked when lending rates, the most important thing is to ask the loan interest rate of all kinds of favorable conditions, such as if you have determined that the provincial branch of China Construction Bank level VIP above high-end customers, lowest interest rate of six-month loans is 4.35. Loan bank deposits more can get lower interest rates.

    third, with tips for personal housing mortgage loans. Loans available, spent time as short as possible, because the half life of the benchmark interest rate of 4.35 per thousand, and the one-year benchmark interest rate of 4.65 per thousand, if you consider the interest rate floating ratio, difference in loan interest even more. You spend 100,000 yuan, lending rate contract for benchmark interest rates float 40%, time agreed to six months, after the expiration of six months pay, interest and cumulative 3654 and time agreed for one year, six months after paying interest cumulative 3906, difference of 252 Yuan.

    Finally, the note repayment option. Application handle personal property mortgage loan Shi Bank General will has variety repayment way can select, like Bank of personal help industry loan, loan term in two years within (containing) of, can take by months coupon, and any debt, and matching principal and interest repayment, and matching principal repayment, repayment way, which loan term in one years within (containing) of, also can take due one-time debt coupon. These repayment options have their pros and cons, monthly interest payment, any debt you have extra money, you can also loan and reduce interest expense, interest must be paid on time every month; due a one-time prepayment of debt Bank will have some limitations, but don't pay interest each month; equivalent and equal principal repayment are monthly principal and interest repayment and prepayment Bank will also have some limitations.


    for personal housing mortgage loans the information required:

    1. title deed

    2. rights holder and spouse's identity card

    3. Right holder and their spouse's account of the

    4. rights of marriage certificate (marriage license or certificate issued by the civil administration unmarried certificate)

    5. proof of income

    6. If the property right person with minor children, please provide birth certificate

    7. Such as bank loans in real estate, please provide us with the original loan contracts and bank statement of the last period

    8. to improve the loan rate, please provide proof of other family property as much as possible, (such as the certificates of other property, stocks, funds, cash book, vehicles travel card, and so on)