Lending operations

How people apply to the most affordable loans?

    at present, every commercial bank in the country to launch a wide variety of personalized, integrated mortgage products in an endless stream. Banks launch mortgage products including loans, deadlines, fees, interest rates, and many other different kinds of preferential policies. These preferential policies include what? Circumstances under which ordinary people have to apply to the Bank to the preferential policies?

    despite the current preferential policies of the banks mortgage products are slightly different, but mainly include the following: 1, the preferential interest rates of high quality customers can enjoy preferential interest rates, interest rate fluctuations can be combined with the percentage of contribution, loyalty, risk and other factors taken into account, according to the regulations of the Central Bank, currently floating up to 15%.

    2, extended quality customers to apply for credit you don't use loop real estate mortgage loan and monthly payment, loan period may be extended to at most 10; real properties as collateral for a personal loan and monthly payment, the maximum duration can be extended to 5 years.

    3, the percentage increase in their personal real estate mortgage loans, collateral value and ability to repay with the full understanding of the situation, loan percentage increase, up to the head office requirements.

    4, prepayment penalty relief to customers in accordance with the relevant provisions of prepayment penalty relief.

    5, cost discount discount costs including property evaluation fee relief for customers. Banks and insurance companies or home home security consultation company, insurance or guarantee fee discounts. Customer consumer credit notarization fee relief.

    to obtain the preferential policies and identified by banks as mortgage customers, was most critical, requires lenders to the banks through a variety of information to prove their reliable credit level, stable source of repayment.

    at present, the banks credit card customer has no record of overdue debts of the gold card customers; ordinary card customers use credit cards more than 2 consecutive years, the use of high frequency, and has no record of overdue arrears, after comprehensive evaluation, and can generally be identified as quality customers. Individual housing loans and consumer loans in the commercial bank customers, exceed 50% of the principal of the loan repayment amount, or the repayment period of more than 3 years, and there are no overdue debt record home loan customers, with a new housing loan, will generally be identified as customers of commercial banks.

    in an environment of social credit, personal credit commercial banks pay more attention, also became one of the most important preferential policies for customers to apply for mortgages. In a full-blown credit society, good personal credit has not been difficult. Good credit is a cumulative process. Is credit into banks to continue lending, loan repayments gradually accumulated in the process.