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Financial reform rules for landing hot

    on Friday, Wenzhou, implementing rules for the financial reform officially announced, 12 missions in accordance with the State Department of Zhejiang Provincial Government (some media called "12"), refine, launched by the media as "12," implementing rules for the financial reform. These two days, from all walks of life to "12," multiple perspectives to interpret.

    view, "12," "12" on the basis of detailed, highly targeted, Wenzhou, according to the rules, and do a lot of specific transactions. There are views that, "12," specific target remains unclear, some still remain in the "orientation" level, the operating instructions are not strong.

    no matter what the discussion, in fact, Wenzhou has released before the rules into action. With "12" as the key link, refines the 78 quests, and 80% is already in advance.

    highlights: much work has made great breakthrough in

    rules, "Wenzhou index" concern. According to Wenzhou Finance Office Director Zhang Zhenyu introduction, the index is expected to be announced at the end of this month or early next month.

    "Wenzhou index" will by following several block composition: a is Wenzhou of hundreds of home enterprise, will put their take into of civil capital interest rate, through around party financial do not Division declared up; II is the small loan company take out of interest rate for weighted average; three is financing sex guarantees company as pawn line, in financing process in the of interest rate; four is civil borrowing service center of real-time interest rate.

    Zhang Zhenyu said, as opposed to just started drafting regulations governing private financing, "Wenzhou index" is just around the corner, initially once a week, and then gradually shorten the time to achieve real-time, dynamic private financing and risk warning.

    another concern is foreign direct investment of the individual. "Section 12" stated that the pilot study overseas direct investment, setting up standard convenient channels of direct investment. The issue ", 12", is "personal pilot of overseas direct investment." Analysts said removed "research" wording indicating that the work is a major breakthrough.

    in this regard, the Wenzhou people's Bank President Wu Guolian says, Wenzhou has made full preparations, has developed specific and detailed rules for the implementation of the programme, project library were also columns, current research programmes has been reported to the State Council, now everything is ready, only a strong wind. Future pilot could not limited to Wenzhou, also involving other cities, Wenzhou's bid to be the first single, which is our goal.

    of concern and small loan company restructuring rural banks. "Section 12" refers to small loan company law reform for rural banks. In "12,", referring to pilot some eligible microfinance company restructuring in accordance with the regulations for the village Bank. "According to law" to "rule", is there any trick?

    Wenzhou silver prison branch Deputy Secretary Lou vibration Wu said, small loan company restructuring for village Bank of door has been is open of, main is to meet internal control compared perfect, and business development compared specification, and risk compared can control, three aspects conditions, but as main sponsors, this and silver prison will of existing policy has must of conflict, as double main sponsors whether feasible, silver prison sector is do effective assessment and feasibility research.

   , according to Zhang Zhenyu said Cangnan Allied signal of small rural banks by loans companies declared material has been completed, will report to related departments. 3 newly established village Bank sponsored by the enterprise, with a complete materials, the company is a private enterprise, as well as a Bank for equity.

    concerns also have micro-credit companies offering small and medium enterprises private placement debt. Zhang Zhenyu said, this is the provincial government opened a special case in Wenzhou, is a major breakthrough.

    Zhang Zhenyu said that micro-credit follow-up funding in addition to constantly enrich companies outside the capital, is to rely on bank financing, but after the macro-control, Bank lending is tight, to support micro-credit company, from the perspective of reality is not in place. But micro-credit is the bottom line of the company cannot take deposits, so strong loan company must broaden sources of funding, this is the micro-credit company SME private debt objective.

    Zhang Zhenyu said, issued SMEs private debt is has strictly of finds qualification conditions of, first must is quality of small loan company, to reached province financial do annual of rating requirements, its issued object is has control of, first step is to institutions raised, was raised party of funds also to for strictly review, cannot is Bank loan funds, and raised to of funds to management good, this years business status is consider of conditions one of.

    in addition, financial leasing, trust into the financial reform programme is one of the highlights. Compared to before the reforms, this rule not only for rural banks, micro-credit plan company's traditional financial institutions, indicated he would try to Wenzhou finance companies, trust companies, consumer finance companies and other non-bank financial institutions, seek to introduce more than one foreign bank branches to support private capital into areas such as securities, investment advisory, build multiple levels of the financial system.

   , it has been revealed now that work has made progress. Juneyao group total capital of 1 billion yuan from the main local declarations of trust companies in Wenzhou has been completed, all funded by private capital to enter. Semir group formed financing leasing company, industrial and commercial registration in place, will be reported to the Ministry of Commerce for approval. Local insurance companies by three private enterprises in Wenzhou, the initial programme has formed, Wenzhou Finance Office is communicating with the insurance regulatory Bureau of Zhejiang Province, in material perfection.