Lending operations

Loans to buy a car in the what are the risks?

    as living standards improve, more and more people to buy a car, but most people in the process of buying a car or choose a loan to buy a car, but also began to appear in the auto purchase financing risks, these risks are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

    a is the sum of projects increased. Some dealers intentionally collect the payment without contract of Bank lending to consumers so that consumers cannot detect;

    second, auto insurance is bound. Consumer loan when buying a car, dealer forced to specify a bank loan or a specified insurance company insurance, and charge high fees;

    third, the commitment is not fulfilled. When consumers handle the loan companies give a lot of commitment, but some can not handle the success, if the consumer a refund of fees, and loan interest losses, can cause disputes

    four is not standard for the loan as agreed. When some dealers in the consumer loan will adjust the down payment.

   , xiaobian this remind you: in front of the auto loan contract signed, must consult clearly related matters.