Lending operations

Business access to credit from the Bank

    Shanghai SMEs financing public service platform thaw road network CEO Zhou Han introduced, some enterprise main think is "commercial confidential" or ignored of things, like Shang downstream of well-known customer, and excellent of management team, and enterprise had get of the honors, and certification had of funding practice and certificate, and entrepreneurs personal of practitioners experience, and management level, and has of property, property, and whether can provides better of guarantees associated enterprise,, Help you improve your position in the banks, in order to obtain loans.

    "cash is King". Banks are most likely to lend the project, not the most profitable items, but most projects that generate cash flow, cash flow, you can have the money back to the Bank. Banks do not have the patience to wait for a project to take 10 years to earn a lot of money.

    "details determine success or failure" If banks come to in situ visits, and pay attention to the business owner's personal image, external images sorted – external health and management standards, such as manufacturing companies must standardize staff plant operations and warehouse fire.

    Ningbo bearing Ltd is a leading enterprise in the industry, however, just at the beginning stages, they also had headaches for funds, but after the Bank of Ningbo in the field provide loans for them. When it comes to details of the investigation, officials said, not only the enterprise's prospects are good, and business owners employees at bike emission and tidy so that things are very hard, enough to see him on management's intentions.

    "change and bring an umbrella, rain collection" style is not uncommon in banking, because of this, business owners not to wait to need money to go to the Bank.

    When you are flush with cash and bank financing, the other party will not only serve as a guest you (because you're helping them achieve deposit targets), and the approved loan amount is higher. Business owners doubt is possible, "to apply for a loan when money is not nothing, to increase their own costs? "Rest assured that, as long as you don't use it without having to pay interest. Such a practice can be called the credit front, corporate credit pre-rainy day, desperate for money not only when desperate. More business using financial leverage, to grow, even if it is not short of money, also have to change.

    Tyrone banks charge, this credit front approach more suited to periodically clear enterprises. Like clothing companies, food companies, such as at the end of the front will require a lot of stock funds know that business owners may wish to advance this law establish relationships with banks, so that wouldn't "rush drops medical service."

    "because of misunderstanding with men and women, broke up because of the understanding" financing is completely the opposite, banks will not lend to understanding of enterprise. And SME industries scattered, banks cannot know it all, so if you want to successfully obtain loans from the Bank, it is necessary to strengthen your advantage in front of banks, such as the status of the industry, market share, industry prospects, allow banks to be assured you will not borrow money "absconded with."