Lending operations

Through bank loans, did not spend money to buy a house you've ever heard?

    after some banks to tighten their lending policies, now has two big Kazakhstan banks mortgage tightening. Details of which banks also began to adjust policy, first mortgage to pay off the loan also sets interest rates float at least 10%, standards by individual units, adjusted based on the family unit. Think about various changes in housing policy, seemed to herald the price changes may occur in the near future, so he didn't want to spend the family's existing cash savings.

    he told reporters: "we are young and very long repayment period, which is a big advantage. From a long-term perspective, ' today's ' always better than tomorrow's money ' is more valuable, we borrow from banks are today in the flowers ' tomorrow '. And existing housing to handle the mortgage, can make the optimal use of Bank funds, minimizing future price fluctuations. "The

    husband and wife are working, children are small, they are on top, xiangfang district, Harbin has a housing, although the better school districts, but its small size, has always wanted to buy a bigger house. At the suggestion of a financial engineer, decided to present this House to get bank mortgages, so that new house down payment plus decoration all solved.

    Provident Fund loans and then he went home. Because the couple are very young, you can loan in stages for a long time, of Provident Fund loans and mortgage payments each month, a total of more than 2000 Yuan, and totally affordable.