Lending operations

When you first want to get credit when you buy a new home, you need to pay attention to what?

    "home loans" the first prerequisite is using real estate as collateral, mortgage type also determines whether you can apply for a loan. Purchase commercial housing or affordable housing to see if the developer has handled the sale of license and whether these have been signed with fund management centres or commercial banks; whether these are subject to loan. Developers have not signed with financial institutions, if you also want to apply for a loan, you can bring relevant information to the City Housing Department to guarantee mortgages existing home home loan guarantee business. In purchase economic applies housing loan Shi, to note outsiders is cannot purchase economic applies housing, also cannot handle loan; in purchase fund-raising building Shi to note personal property by accounted for proportion of how many, last handle of is housing total warrants, mortgage Shi of area is personal property of part; purchased auction property loan Qian to understand good the property whether can open according to invoice also to know the room can handle housing ownership card, Can handle the mortgage in order to participate in the auction (the auction house loans to home buyers housing guarantee company can handle); relocation of households demolished monetary compensation and asked the loans and to understand from the developer for the property procedures in advance about whether developers have the same House tenancy guarantee companies signed the cooperation agreement. Because most households to be relocated when the Government loans, developers of the pre-sale permit has not been finished, this loan is generally only in the House bank guarantee company to handle. Tianjin loan

    purchase of commercial housing contract to see whether the real estate residential contract and a joint producer of the sale contract or of the affordable housing contract, you cannot apply for housing or loan;

    housing or affordable housing loans, preferred to fund loans, loan interest rates, But at the time of purchase to ask the developer has been signed with the Fund Management Centre, or only for commercial loans.