Lending operations

Planning and loan guarantees innovation

    the past two years, State Bank branch in Guangxi Autonomous Region Department of culture, tourism, sports Planning Council signed a cooperation agreement, completed in Guangxi cultural industries, tourism, sports, trade "Twelve-Five" finance plan, determine the total amount of trade financing, structure, grasping the loan guarantees to support key projects and rhythm.

    in March of this year, CDB Guangxi branch and the culture industry in Guangxi investment group signed a framework agreement. The row over the next 5 years to investment group provides investment, credit, debt, financial services and rent, permit cooperation amounted to 20 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the Bank of China-ASEAN digital publishing base project, autonomous region Museum expansion project, liuzhou City Science and Technology Museum and its supporting facilities at the youth project and other major projects planning mode innovation of financing and loan guarantees, is expected to provide financing totaling 5 billion yuan.

    cultural and creative SMEs in our region, State Bank Guangxi branch oriented by customer demand, through financing innovation, a comprehensive solution at the start-up, growth, maturity and other stages of cultural and creative SMEs loan guarantees financing needs, today now supports video, animation, design, publishing, advertising and other cultural and creative SMEs 25, loans of 200 million Yuan.