Lending operations

Finance loan guarantee agency pricing

    Bank pointed out that, since same day up, will financial institutions loan interest rate floating interval of lower, which Qian provides of 0.8 times times adjustment for benchmark interest rate of 0.7 times times, the cut further expanded has loan interest rate of floating space, means with put pricing right more handed has financial institutions, let financial loan guarantees institutions independent pricing, also reflected has financial service entity economic of principles, can was considered is China interest rate market reform of again once advance.

    the night of June 7, first let go of the deposit interest rate floating control policy released the following day, the Bank loan guarantees announced rising deposit interest rates, bank rates quickly started the price war, sight deposit interest rate differential for the first time, marking the long key step forward in the process of interest rate marketization.

    in fact, in April, the Central Bank Governor Zhou xiaochuan has said that one step ahead in the reform of interest rate marketization of interest rate in the loan, deposit liabilities in respect by promoting alternative development and expanding interest rate floating range advance.

    and this round of cuts is demonstrated and allowed and encouraged financial loan guarantee agencies hold lending rates flexibly according to the reality of preferential space intent, is undergoing subtle changes in monetary policy. Some market participants said Central Bank not only is Thunder rain.

    in addition, the Central Bank recently released its 2012 China financial stability report, apart from China's monetary policy, also emphasized the need to actively promote the construction of the market system and market allocation of resources, and focus on next steps to deepen market-oriented interest rate and exchange rate reforms in key areas, such as.