Lending operations

Slowing economic growth level of loan guarantees

    for the Central Bank's rate cuts, many economists would agree that just published shows that China's Economic Outlook was not under pressure. Citigroup loan guarantees the Bank forecast in June, CPI likely to lows of around 2.1%, "1 times" to come. Rate cut is mainly to further stimulate the economy, reach the goal of stabilizing the economy.

    and the Central Bank's unexpected rate cut not only shows that the growth slowdown in loan guarantees, the next period of time may be at a low level of inflation. And also the international economic environment, as well as the European debt crisis has something to do with the trend.

    due to the global economic "second dip" continues to spread the risk and the European debt crisis, central banks had to take more measures to boost the economy. China's Central Bank cut its lending benchmark lending and deposit rates, when on July 5, the European Central Bank cut interest rates again, United Kingdom Central Bank again quantitative easing. For the United States, market participants think the Fed launch QE3 is just a matter of time. Three of the world's major central banks have been easing monetary policy, also shows that the global economy is facing downside risks.