Lending operations

Loan guarantees set up 10 Park financial service system

    "three enters" activities after the postal savings bank of China Shanghai Branch leadership attach great importance. Set up a leading group and working groups from the top down and branches set up Office in order to strengthen the activities of planning and organizing, advocacy coordination, deployment, implementation and advancement of supervision at each stage. While China mail storage Bank Shanghai Branch according to Park, and community, and suburb different regional features, combined Bank business features, has targeted to developed has detailed of "three into" activities programme, lock has main activities service object and specific customer group, clear has activities target, and activities form, and activities content, and activities arrangements and activities requirements, ensure organization loan guarantees in place, and resources in place, and measures in place, and publicity in place.

    on April 21, the postal savings bank branch in Qingpu industrial park, Shanghai, China "three enters" campaign launch ceremony, as the first "Park base in financial services" opening, and announced that it would establish 10 parks in the city Service Center and 100 community loan financial services. Formed by the branches of the Communist Youth League Assembly of the 350 members of the youth "goose" volunteers, in a solemn oath, one after another into the Shanghai urban and rural industrial parks, residential and town streets, actively practicing the postal savings bank its "urban and rural areas, public service" business philosophy, to warm, confident smile, popularize the knowledge of public finance, send both business and financial services. After the ceremony, the branch, the dot act immediately, set off in the city-wide "three enters" event culminated, orchestrated a wide variety of information services activities, and strive to serve the community, services "sannong", service SME loan guarantee to achieve tangible results.