Lending operations

Business loan guarantee deeper constraints

    according to the information Commission and other departments investigation by the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Ningxia 99% of small and micro businesses account for the local market, creating a 80% of the 60% of local jobs, new products, 60% of GDP and 40% tax. But in reality, these enterprises are faced with the overall slow development, industrial structure is irrational, business loan guarantees and guarantee deeper constraints.

    from December 2011 to February this year, State Statistical Office commissioned the development environment in a sample survey, sampling 8,008 were medium and small micro-enterprise, public and directly affiliated units of the autonomous region, which surveys reflect Ningxia "soft environment" of six issues.

    is a different threshold for market access, purposes of differential treatment. 28.3% per cent of respondents think that the Government in the development in the market, take in the large enterprise, ignoring small and micro businesses. 23.1% think enough for small and micro businesses lead on different uneven corporate policies and services. In addition, too many charges and check for enterprise, investment thresholds vary, market access is not equal.

    second, the Chief service efficiency is not high, especially for the approval procedures, requiring multiple runs, repeated reminders, takes a long time. 24.5% said Government Affairs Hall of "entering into the right into" examination matters still need to bull run to the City Hall and the Department, go through the cumbersome approval delay.

    third, the financial environment in the medium and small micro-enterprise development. Main loan approval processes cumbersome, low efficiency. Financial service system is not perfect, the service consciousness and small micro-enterprises. Medium and small micro-enterprise credit guarantee system is not perfect. Corporate finance forms a single, poor access to loans secured financing.

    four is the legal environment needs to be improved. Law enforcement officials severely light guide, excessive discretionary power. Some law enforcement agencies under various pretexts, interfere with normal production and operation of enterprises activity, increasing the burden on enterprises. Does not meet the business development have failed or expired policies and laws and clean up time.

    five is the working environment needs to be improved. Government to provide incomplete information platform, medium and small micro-enterprises to develop, introduce and retain talents.

    six, public services are not in place, lack of social credit, poor compliance with loan guarantees of legal regulations.