Lending operations

Personal housing mortgage loan

Personal housing mortgage loan 

    their own or someone else's property as collateral to get loans from banks, unrestricted.

    1, duration, percentage of loans:


    70% House are the highest appraised value of the loan amount.

    2, conditions necessary for borrowers:

    with identity cards, in the age of 22-60 natural.

    has a stable job and a stable income and ability to repay the loan principal and interest as scheduled.

    can offer himself or herself of the houses as collateral.

    3, home conditions of:

   -owned real estate, houses, villas, end of business, Office and so on.

    procedures in place, can the mortgage registration formalities and listed.

    4, the borrower shall provide material:

    couples ID cards and Hukou, marriage certificate (such as single provides a single proof).

    income certificate and the copy of business license copy (stamped).

    loan-use materials.

    original house property certificate.

    yigougongfang must provide the original purchase agreement.

    authorities provided public confirmation of their labour wards.

    5, bank interest rates and repayment options:

    commercial bank interest rate over the people's bank lending rates.

    within two years of the loan term, you can choose monthly or quarterly interest, due a one-off debt-repayment; for more than two years of the loan term, you can select a monthly principal and interest or principal repayments.

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