Lending operations

Stock financing, stock mortgage services

Stock financing, stock mortgage services 

    equity financing is to stock a long time experienced customers with stock funds, on the basis of its limited capital, enables you to rapidly expanding capital, so that their stock investments to increase profits.

    characteristics of equity financing:

    1. procedures are simple;

    2. Financing time limit;

    3. funds and flexible, looking to maximize profits.

    equity financing process:

    1. customer consulting

    2. interviewed agreed, opening a stock account you specify;

    3. equity financing agreement signed;

     4. lending;

    5. customer service.

    stock financing of operations

    amount of confirmation:

    1, 1:1 Finance

    2, according to 1:2 finance

    3, 1:3 financing

    requirements for customer

    do no ST, *ST, warrants, futures, on the first day of the new shares, the gem.


    called trader in the financing and donor, trader refers to the need to extend working capital investors, donors fund is defined as a trader.

    cooperation process is as follows: first, the trader signed cooperation agreements with stakeholders, agreed with capital cost and risk control principles and then trader as to assume transaction risks, pay risk to the donor (also known as the trader's own funds), deposited in the company accounts. To get stakeholders to provide up to 3 times as long as its own money trading account, after which independent trader to operate the account and company risk monitoring according to the contract for the account to ensure security.