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Housing second mortgage-backed

Housing second mortgage-backed 

    is my personal House second mortgage loan company to have access to Bank mortgage loan service will be provided by the borrower. After you pay a loan principal, if the needed funds for personal consumption or its business, available after the mortgage value minus the balance of the original loan balance as collateral to get loans from the company again.

    loans: borrowers must be customers of bank loans, debt interest-free, stable income, good credit, have the ability to repay the loan principal and interest and repay more than two years.

    b, collateral of home, you must meet the following conditions:

    1. housing loans for the secondary mortgage market should be high potential for the development of high quality housing and commercial buildings;

    2. housing for personal housing second mortgage must be existing homes;

     3. Housing is to use bank loans to buy housing;

    4. mortgage registration has been completed, and our company is housing the second mortgagee;

    loan currency: second mortgage loan currency, determined in accordance with the specific uses of the loans, and the currency of the mortgage agreement in principle. Applications for foreign-currency borrowers must have a source of foreign exchange payments.

    limit: 1. loan amount = value * mortgage rate-the original principal balance of the loan. 2. housing value to the original purchase price and secondary compared to the appraised value of the collateral, whichever is lower. Mortgage-second mortgage mortgage rate not exceeding 70%; commercial mortgage second mortgage mortgage rate not exceeding 50%.

    period: second mortgage term determined in accordance with the specific use of the loan for personal consumer loans not longer than 5 years, for personal business loans not longer than 3 years, and the maturity of not more than the first mortgage loan's maturity date.

    loan interest rates: implementation of the provisions of the people's Bank of China interest rates on comparable commercial loans. Foreign currency lending bank of China provided comparable exchange rates. Term of the loan in less than a year, met the statutory interest rate adjustment, according to the original contract interest rates; loan period for more than a year, met the statutory interest rate adjustment, the following year to begin on January 1 of the new rates.