Lending operations

Old credits the new loan guarantee

Old credits the new loan guarantee 

    range of loan

    buyers to get loans from banks for the purchase of the loan has not been repaid, in a State of mortgage real estate. My company can help real people Fund to repay the original loan, so as to thoroughly resolve the foreclosure property problems plagued both buyers and sellers. Low Fund fees, handling shortcut. My company helping homeowners for mortgage loans business, handling money, short cycle.

    information provided by the borrower shall

    couples ID cards and Hukou/outsiders need a temporary residence permit and the account of the

    marriage/divorce certificate or court verdict/single certificates 2

    Proof of income (bank specified format)

    units duplicate of business license copy (stamped)


    with the original lender about prepayment

    together with the Bank for prepayment procedures, Get real estate certificates and pay off the money to prove

    the registration of discharge

    again to the Bank for a greater amount of mortgage