Lending operations

Short-term working capital loan guarantees

Short-term working capital loan guarantees 

    1-6 months specifically for short-term cash-flow needs and set loan products, materials, loan the same day, next day lenders. Easier than bank lending procedures, more efficient, more flexible repayment methods. Borrowers individual or an enterprise has to own property in the Beijing area.

    duration, percentage of loan


    70% House are the highest appraised value of the loan amount.

    conditions necessary for borrowers

    with identity cards, in the age of 22-60 natural;

    with a stable job and a stable income and ability to repay the loan principal and interest as scheduled.

    have to adopt Beijing's housing

    ownership of real estate, houses, villas, commercial, offices at the end of;

    procedures in place, can the mortgage registration formalities and listed.

    information provided by the borrower shall

    couples ID, account, the original certificate of

    individual income certificate or certificate of individual assets, repayment ability;

    operation, Should submit annual business license, tax registration certificate, corporate code certificate, corporate regulation, the financial statements.